10 Works from 2014

Every year I choose 10 works to sum up the year.  You'll notice I didn't include a #10.  I had about 3 other pieces that I really liked that are personal to me, so I didn't want to choose just one.  I'm very happy with all of the work and thankful I had to chance to create them, thanks for reading! 


Mausoleum (at the Huntington Library)

San Marino, Ca


So I had heard about the Huntington Library through an Art professor at school.  He complimented me on a sculpture I did and said if I wanted to see more Greek architecture, to visit the Huntington Library.  Well, I was 1 month away from moving out of LA and made it a priority to visit before I left.  When I did visit, I was so overwhelmed with everything.  I was expecting a small museum, not a massive theme park kinda space filled with Architecture, gardens, Art, & so much more.  This is easily one of my favorite images; definitely have to go back to the Huntington Library when I visit.

Downtown Rooftop

Los Angeles, Ca


Synchronicity or no?  Things happen for a reason and sometimes they're beyond our comprehension.


36 x 48'' Oil on canvas

I started this painting about 4 months ago when I was living in Los Angeles.  Due to limited room in my car, and traveling back home to Texas, I had to donate several blank (and painted) canvases to the Art teacher in my Apt. building.  This was one of the few that I kept because I really wanted to finish it (and because large canvases aren't cheap!).  The first Oil painting finished!  Can you tell which Artist had an influence on this painting?  Gotta love Abstract Expressionism.

Brasil Tee


Dedicated to Brasil, soccer, and the Copa Mundial 2014.  This is the first tee for my new Art project / clothing company, Los Amerikanos!  The design and colors are based on the Brazilian National flag.

Brasil Tee Ad

Los Angeles, Ca


Soccer x Rooftop (with a view like this) -talk about a fun photoshoot!  This was an Advertisement for the first tee of Los Amerikanos.  Whether you play soccer on the field or on cement, the love of the game is universal.  Special thanks to @rundfc for helping me out with this shoot!

Los Amerikanos

Los Angeles, Ca


Late night downtown, the city is dark but also bright.  The train passes by and the camera captures it.  They're both noisy and grainy.  The text is bold and almost carries the same traits as the neon club signs from the 80's in Miami -A balance of city and music culture in one.

6th Street Bridge

Boyle Heights, Ca


Whether it be Hip-Hop, or that underground sound only a few know and appreciate....it's all a moment in time.  Driving past the 6th street bridge from Boyle Heights to DTLA definitely has that same feeling. 

St. Timothy's Catholic Church

Los Angeles, Ca


I would pass by this Church everyday to work.  It's simple but I like it.

Day Two:  West Texas, i-10



Day 2:  Driving from Los Angeles to Houston, with only 2'' of headroom because your car is that packed with your whole Apt in it.  Chillen, passing through the desert and mountains on a clear sunny sky.  A Progressive / House mix by a well respected local Dj is on...just ready to get home and start the next chapter...grateful for the time that has passed.