Update May 2015

Alright, so I've been home since October of last year and it's been great to say the least.  Aside from hanging with family and friends, I have had the opportunity of producing new work and freelancing (when I'm not working).  Really happy about being back home.

It has certainly been busy though, I have learned a lot, in not only Art but other things as well.  This is definitely a transition period for me, as the month of May will be spent on prepping for the next big move -New York City!!!  Just to type that out is mind-blowing.

Right now I'm working on the marketing aspect of things.  Keeping the website fresh, updating my resume, applying to jobs in NYC, and also PRINTING!  I have never really printed my work (outside of school), so this will be the first time where some of my Artwork will be available.  A real game changer ;)

I'll have to post the links once I get everything situated.  There's so much I want to work on, but I'm taking it one at a time.  Can't rush these works.

Thanks for reading and enjoy your day!

- AC